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Tactical lifestyle photography is unlike conventional photography. Its almost the complete opposite. Capable and vetted models are key. You don’t pose the models, you allow them to do what they do on a daily basis. You give them a scenario, an objective, you allow their minds to work in the way they’re trained to work, you then get a front row seat to the beauty of years of dedication to a craft. Then you get to capture it.



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Dalton started by connecting Law Enforcement to the local community through digital connection and social media. Dalton continued to expand his skills in ways that went beyond traditional means of photography into digital creation. What began as a hobby developed into a profession and passion. Dalton has expanded his portfolio to work with large companies nationwide. He has worked in family photography, studio photography, on-site shoots, and real estate. Guild Media is insured and has commercial drone capabilities (Part 107). Guild Media doesn’t stage the moments; we capture the moments that you live.

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