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About Us

Dalton’s Story

I have been in law enforcement since 2012; in that time, I have held many different roles and had a variety of responsibilities. I was on the SWAT team and currently manage the drone program for my department. From search and rescue, per ops intelligence gathering, and indoor flight, I also hold a Part 107 remote pilot license in good standing with the FAA. I’ve been doing photography and videography for approximately six years. The vision started with 517 Media and has the honor of transforming into Guild Media.

I’ve had many memorable shoots, but each takes on a personality. I attribute that directly to the caliber of people I get to film with, the “models,” for lack of a better term, all of which, for the tactical photography/videography side of Guild Media, are former or current law enforcement and former or current military. From New Jersey to Miami, Alabama to Arkansas, and Louisiana to North Carolina, there is a commonality in these projects, even though the locations and cultures are vastly different. It takes a goal-oriented person to work with anyone toward a common goal to achieve the desired result; this is the mindset of the people we’ve had the opportunity to work alongside.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with companies at the leading edge of their respective market. It’s humbling to be trusted to capture their product doing what it’s designed to do and deliver that back to them in a way that conveys to their consumer how dependable and mission-capable the product is.

Who is Guild Media?

517 Media was made through the culmination of all my past experiences. On May 17th, 2015, I said goodbye to my best friend and most prominent advocate.  My mother lost a battle that thousands lose daily.  I hope to honor and extend her memory through my work.

517 Media is honored to branch into Guild Media. The work and the tribute still stand upon the foundation 517, but we wanted to further the vision through the Guild Media scope.

During a photography session, you may take 500 photos; out of that 100, you will keep 10, you will like 5, you will be proud of 1, and 1 that captures the essence of the person you photograph.

My work is to find the 1.

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