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How did we get here?

January 1st, 2015, a dream I had been chasing since 8th grade came true. I put on my brand new polished leather basketweave belt, the five-star badge ensuring it had a mirror-like shine, and reported to the courthouse to be sworn in as a Sheriff’s Deputy.

Since then, my love for the profession has evolved and matured, much like a relationship with an old friend. I’ve had good days, and I’ve had evil days. One thing that could make even the worst day better was the group I was honored to work alongside. We’re a family, fight like a family, love like a family, and grow together like a family.

I was thrown into the world of photography and videography by a need that my administration wanted to fulfill. That need was an online presence through social media and our website. Both had laid idle for many years without much thought, and then it was passed to me. I was tossed a meek-looking camera with a detachable lens and sent on my way. Holding the items and walking down the hallway, I did what anyone born after 1990 would do; I started googling. What happened after that was the discovery of one of the most therapeutic and polarizing hobbies I had ever had. I learned about exposures, shutter speed, f stops, and how to bring my photos to life through editing. I then began telling the stories of my fellow Deputies one shot at a time.

But that doesn’t answer the question. How did we get here?

One year I was filming for the Arkansas Tactical Officers Association. One of their board members and fellow deputy directed me to report to a range and find Shane Foster. I remember asking how I would know which one is Shane; his response was, “Beard, blows up doors, funny, you’ll figure it out.” Once at the range, I remember opening the door to my vehicle and, in the distance, hearing the following words “This is the commander. I have control, standby, five… four… three… two… one.” I then heard an explosion. So I did what any cop would do and walked that way because, at this point, I was no longer a photographer; I was a spectator.

What followed that day was a journey that sparked a friendship that I will forever be grateful for. Guild Solutions Group, which I see as the mothership to this company, runs because of like-minded individuals who work hard o are motivated towards a common goal, each having their talents and stories. They all agree that improving people is far more important than making a buck. Shane refuses to be outworked; Tonya is a perfectionist, and this is only possible with her ability to do anything she wants. We are Guild Media, and we want to tell your story.

– Dalton

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