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Social Media vs advertising

The old advertising guard was based on a much smaller set of variables. What’s your target audience, and how much will it cost to get that message out? This is still in use today, but the scale has broadened rapidly. Used to it was local television, radio, and newspapers. Now you have Instagram, Facebook, podcasts on several platforms, YouTube, streaming services, etc. Cable networks are scrambling, radio is branching out, and particular providers are even attempting to leverage their most popular shows and launch their own streaming services. But what does it all mean for you? 

It means the consumer has something in the past decade they never had before, and that’s a voice directly to a company. In the past, you couldn’t comment on a commercial you saw while watching the evening news, and now you have the power to comment. Once posted, the entire world can see it. This is why social media isn’t traditional. It allows you to hear from your customers, dialog with them, and get vital information that could make your product better and more sought after. That’s why social media is different and can’t be placed in a box with traditional advertising. An ad is a statement; social media should be a dialog. You can advertise on social media, but having an active, interactive presence is much different and should be utilized. 


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